Willie's Superbrew Variety Pack
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Willie's Superbrew Variety Pack

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Fruit-forward, but still light and refreshing. Only 7 grams of sugar and 7 carbs, gluten-free, and no artificial flavors, "natural flavors", or sugar substitutes. Drink real ingredients.

Willie's Superbrew Variety 12 Pack comes with 3 each:

  • Mango & Passionfruit
  • Pomegranate & Açaí
  • Pineapple & Lime
  • Blueberry & Lemon

    Style: Hard Seltzer

    ABV: 4.5%

    Format: 12oz Cans

    More Details: Gluten-Free, Low Calorie (<100 per 12oz)

    Origin: Pawtucket, Rhode Island

    More About: Willie's Superbrew