Brand Partnerships

TapRm Brand Partnerships

Supercharge your e-commerce presence by becoming a TapRm Partner. Most brands just sit on the shelf, our in-house team of experts will put yours in the spotlight.

Your Home On TapRm

Ensure that your brand's dedicated page on TapRm is on message and stands out with custom logos, colors, fonts and more.

Prime Placement

Raise your profile amongst our discerning audience of beer, cider and hard seltzer lovers with regular homepage features.

Organic Marketing

Get in front of our most loyal fans with newsletter features, blogs and social posts.

New Customer Acquisition

Gain entirely new customers for your brand on TapRm with our audience data technology to run the most highly targeted and effective marketing campaigns around.

Live Data & Analytics

Understand your customers and analyze your e-commerce results in depth with our best-in-class real-time data dashboards.

Cans In Hands

Solve the problem of how to get people trying your products in a virtual world by leveraging the unique fulfilment capabilities of TapRm to run tasting and sampling events.

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