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Mission: Designed to speak directly and authentically to a more diverse consumer market, Gay Beer is intended to honor the rich heritage of the LGBTQ community’s past while recognizing the diversity and integrity of the community’s present. Loyal Brands intends to recognize and represent this powerful consumer base of beer drinkers through an approach that is currently unavailable in the beer market.

The Guys of Gay Beer: As beer drinkers and members of the queer community, co-founders and co-creators Jon Moore and Jason Pazmino are two guys who have been drinking beer in Brooklyn for a long time. Long enough to be finished waiting for someone else to customize a beer specifically crafted for them, the diverse community they love and the community’s allies. Loyal Brands was established to create quality products that hold the potential to impact people and shape community through simple acts of enjoyment.

The concept is simple. Be happy, drink Gay Beer.

Gay Beer Golden Lager
Gay Beer Golden Lager
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