What We’re Giving & Wishing for, from TapRm Partners & Staff

We’re making a list, 
Checking it twice, 
Cracking beer cans, 
And pouring cocktails on ice. 
The holidays are coming,
To TapRm!

Whew, okay, now that that’s out of our system--we’re really in it now, aren’t we folks? And by “it” we mean the holiday season! We’ve kicked things off with holiday traditions and the best drinks to pair with them, and we want to turn our attention to a major part of this time of year: gifts! We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: say it with beer. Non-alcoholic beer, IPAs, lagers, stouts, and sours, plus hard seltzers, hard kombuchas, hard ciders, hard teas, canned cocktails…we’ve got a regular ol’ Santa’s workshop cranking over here with so many fantastic craft producers offering delicious, unique, instant-favorite drinks. They’re just waiting to be added to your own wish list or to cinch your holiday shopping, guaranteeing a win with whoever’s lucky enough to be your gift recipient.

There are so many great options, indeed, that we wanted to start gathering some ideas and inspiration. So, we’ve turned to our trusty circle of brands and brewers, as well as TapRm staff members--the whole TapRm family, basically!--to find out what’s really jumping out at them this year when it comes to gifts--what are they wishing for? And/or what are they stocking up on to spoil their loved ones with? Without further ado, here are their holiday game-changing thoughts!


Alicia Earle at Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery

At Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery in Virginia, Alicia hopes to give and receive--naturally--the gift of beer. Two beers in particular, as a matter of fact, as they are delectable representations of LCCB’s commitment to quality, local sourcing and growing, natural conservation and farming, and stellar flavors. 

Juicy or Nugget because they are my favorite go to beers,” Alicia picks. “Juicy because of the unique profile tastes of each beer [in the IPA series] and Nugget because of the honey sourced from our farm.”

Zach, TapRm COO

"I would definitely buy a New York Variety 12-Pack (or five) for all of my non-NY friends, especially the ones that grew up or lived here for a time and are now in other places. It gives me an opportunity to support local breweries, provide them with a mix of things, and maybe remind them that now might be a great time to plan a 2023 visit to NYC to hang out with me."

Brooke Cure, Community Manager at Narragansett Beer

“We'll be gifting all our lucky family and friends a Narragansett Ugly Sweater this year,” says Brooke. Narragansett, you see, has its very own ugly Christmas sweater--oh, to be a beer icon with cool merch to boot! This knit just rocketed to the top of our own wish lists, thanks to its pitch perfect mix of holiday cheer, tongue-in-cheek “ugly sweater” fun factor, and genuine love for a legendary beer. This would instantly win any ugly sweater party, and would maybe even have folks buying you Narragansetts as a salute.


Hannah, TapRm Creative Director

"I’m definitely sending some family members the TapRm 2022 Advent Box. My roommate and I had one during 2020 and we would do socially distanced happy hour tastings each day with our neighbors. We all got to try something new and it brought us all a lot of joy!"

Dimitri Yogaratnam, CEO of Oslo Brewing Co.

We trust Dimitri when it comes to beautiful flavors and things that will bring people joy--those subjects are squarely in the wheelhouse of Oslo Brewing Company. Dimitri knows what drinks will wow people, become their go-to’s, and/or be an essential accompaniment to seasonal celebrations, worthy of the most special “cheers!” moments.

“Sherry/port barrel-aged Aquavit,” Dimitri picks as a surefire gift this year, also repping Oslo Brewing Company’s home base and roots. “Norwegian Aquavit is amazing...the barrel-aged twists are amazing this time of year.”

Susie, TapRm Customer Experience Director (and Resident Vermonter!)

"I would gift EVERYONE a Shacksbury Vermonter and give it to them after their first run on one of Vermont's amazing ski slopes!"


Grant Manley, National Sales Manager at 101 Cider House

Grant is keeping it, well, classic when it comes to gift-giving this year.

“Classic from 101 Cider House. Why? It's special because of its simplicity. It has just one ingredient: apples, but is surprising in its tart/sour complexity. For the cider drinker in your life, get them a Classic because it pushes the boundary of what a cider can be.”

101 Cider House is indeed a great source for your gifts, because you can both wow cider drinkers you know and also turn others onto the big, beautiful world of cider--anyone would get excited by the dreamy flavors 101 does so well. For example, there’s also Cactus Rosé with California cactus pears, lemon peel, fresh basil, and hibiscus, and Gunpowder Guava with guava and green tea.


Matt, TapRm Director of Operations

"I would gift any of my IPA-loving friends a four-pack of Bunny With a Chainsaw because it’s a fresh, good double IPA. It would also be good to include a case of GameUp for electrolyte balance (we all need extra electrolytes during the holiday season!)"


Eric Barnes, Director of National Accounts at Tivoli Brewing Company

“I'll be gifting my family and friends with Outlaw Mile Hi Light since they currently can't get it in the Southeast yet (which we're hoping to expand to next year!),” says Eric. “I want to start sampling with them to get the word out in North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee--then they’ll know why we're so excited about this beer and expanding the footprint!”

Tivoli’s Outlaw--or any of its beers, really--are a grade-A, foolproof crowd pleaser along the same lines as 101 Cider House: these beers deliver perfectly balanced, delightful flavors in a super accessible, approachable, easy-drinking, all-occasion form. A pack of Tivolis under the tree will make any beer fan from casual to connoisseur smile.


Jonathan, TapRm Fulfillment Specialist

"I would gift a TapRm Exclusive Variety 18-Pack as a housewarming or hostess gift so everyone can share and get something they like or try something new!"

Joshua Rood, Chief Rabbit at Dr Hops Real Hard Kombucha

Joshua says he plans on giving the gift of special, unique flavors this year--special flavors for special people, this is just holiday logic! His picks are, “Dr Hops Kombucha Rosé and Ginger Lime Real Hard Kombucha. The BEST!” Dr Hops seamlessly and harmoniously combines everything appealing about the flavors and traditions of kombucha, beer, wine, and cocktails, creating truly innovative kombuchas with craft methods. So, their beverages make really cool gifts, because they promise a flavor exploration journey for any lucky recipient.

Jason, TapRm Founder & CEO

"I want to get everyone a new PerfectDraft machine so they can enjoy gallons of cold Stella with their family all through the holidays."

Cheers to that and warm season’s greetings, from team TapRm!

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